It’s Back!…
The Annual Event for the
Savvy Business Owner,

who wants more from life and to find
out why they are here…

Life Success Secret Finally Revealed… “Why Oprah, Richard Branson And Every Famous Person Are Successful…
And How You
Can Have Success Too!”

*** 8-9th October 2016 ***
(Early Bird Tickets Available Till August 31st)


Revolutionary Workshop uncovers how to use these simple secrets in your everyday life… to go from ordinary to extraordinary in 12 months or less.   Give Me Just 2 Days and I’ll Show You How!

“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling. It’s why you were born.

And how you become most truly alive.”

Oprah Winfrey

Dear Friend,

If you are sick of waking up day after day wondering if there is more to life… or want to be excited about what you do again… then you are definitely in the right place.

You see, modern day life can move so quickly. It sweeps you up and drags you along on autopilot until one day you realise… you don’t event like what you are doing! By then many people think it’s too late to do anything about it, so they continue on with their unfulfilling life.

Perhaps the most confronting truth people face today, is the realisation they have spent their life working towards goals set by other people. For other people! Eventually working out, what they were pursuing, was never their dream… it was someone else’s.

Now, it may sound like a lot doom and gloom. But it’s not! I couldn’t handle it if it was!

So here’s the good news! The best years of your life are yet to come!

How would I know?

Well, because I have successfully coached many people through this part of their life. And now they are finally living the life they had always dreamed of. I have also been through this myself, but ahead of myself… I should introduce myself don’t you think?

My name is Shar Moore, and I am known as the “YWoman!” I have been helping people like you to reach their full potential by using the little known secrets used by the celebrities mentioned above. I’ve even won an International Gold Stevie Award for the work I do with women, just like you!

And the best part… I know I can do it for you too. Just like I did for myself and many others.

You see when you have the type of “Life Smarts” and use the success secrets I use… you can’t help but be successful in any situation because when you do.

 You Can Triumph Over Adversity And

Bounce Back Again!


Like I did, when I lost my business after the 2010 Queensland floods. I pretty much lost everything and things were looking very bleak indeed! I was facing bankruptcy, but I knew that I had a bigger purpose than what I had been living

It was a difficult time of my life… but it gave me my biggest learning. I could make it through anything as long as I had a solid “Y!”

You see everyone has a “Y”… the problem is most people don’t know what it is or are too afraid to share it with others.


Now Feel Driven By My Purpose And Am Able To Overcome Emotional Barriers With Action In Order To Move Forward.

“As a lifelong devotee of the human potential movement I felt a connection with Shar Moore the moment I met her.

Completing “Start with Why – The Why Discovery Workshop” led by Shar Moore has been a brilliant step forward in my professional career. I now feel driven by my purpose and am able to overcome emotional barriers with action in order to move forward. We all need a coach and mentor in order to move forward in our lives or even change direction.

Shar brings a level of warmth, experience and understanding to create a safe and trusting space for course participants to truly discover their own personal “Why.”

Shar Moore is an exceptional coach and authentic, inspirational leader. I would recommend Shar and the “Why” Workshops to anyone committed to moving to the next level in their life.”


Lisa Schindler,

Entrepreneur & Life Coach

Keen to share my new found knowledge with others, I set up a high end annual experience for women, called the Elysian Experience events and the “YMag” magazine, to help business owners connect and share their message with others. The events and magazine turned out to be a huge success and more people wanted to know how I was able to go from “Broke to BMW in 18 Months.”

As I shared my story and I spoke to people, I began to see how unique I was. People were struggling to find motivation or find their groove in life… and there I was with a deeply emotional experience turning it around and enjoying every moment of my life. I started to think “What could I do to inspire more people?” Then like a flash! It came to me…

People Need Help To Find Their “Y”…
And I Am The Right Woman To Help Them Do It!

Although the “YMag” gave great tips and guidance… it wasn’t quite enough. People needed more “one to one” help and attention. The “YWeekend” Workshop was born!

I thought this would be the best and quickest way to share the information so people could walk away knowing their why and having an action plan to implement it straight away!

Now, I know you have probably heard of people who have been to a “motivational,” “life changing” seminar or workshop before… maybe you’ve been to a few yourself!

I know I have! And because they were so filled with artificial hype and rah-rah… it was almost impossible to keep the momentum going afterwards.
It is ok, it is not your fault and you are definitely not alone…

Rah-Rah Seminars Work In The Short Term… But What Happens When You Go Home Back To Your Real Life?

  Usually the only people who can live their “Y” after the event are the presenters. They are living their dream of motivating people. And it is a great dream… they just need to empower other people to live their life as well. They are too busy teaching people what the “Y” is and not how to find it and live it!

There is a big difference between motivation and empowerment. Which is why I have decided to do things very differently!

The “YWeekend” Workshop is all about empowering and inspiring people to discover their “Y” and how to live it. Because once you know your “Y”… your life changes dramatically.And always for the better.

Have you ever heard someone you know say “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!” Perhaps you have even said it yourself. As funny as it sounds… there is a deeper, darker side to that simple statement…

It Is Really Showing A Person Who Is Lost…
And Doesn’t Know Their “Y!”

  Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine who was exactly like that. She is a naturally humorous person and used to think it was funny to say she didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up. Unsurprisingly, her life was a complete mess. She would bounce around from job to job, she couldn’t stay too long in the one career… she was trying to work out what she wanted to do. That was until one day she woke up and decided to do a bit of soul searching to find her “Y.”(And what an amazing “Y” it is!)

She finally discovered her passion… the thing in life which makes her heart sing. She definitely knows what she wants to do now!

Hear what Doug got out of the YWeekend:

Doug Newitt – Owner of Apothecarie Naturapath Centre Cleveland QLD

He now has products and packages that he can infuse into his business immediately, all based around his passion and Y, which is to help people live a healthy life. Doug now understands what it takes to stand out from the crowd and he has realised what has been holding him back!

Not too bad for a man, who only a few years ago, was struggling in business and wanted to make a difference and get paid for it! So what made the difference? Knowing his “Y” and living it because…

Your “Y” Is Your Whole Reason Why You Are Here!

So what is your “Y” and why is it so important to find it?

Great question! Your “Y”:

  • Is why you do what you do
  • Your whole purpose of being here
  • Fuels your success
  • Is what you are the most passionate about

When you know your “Y” your life becomes easier. I know this from experience. Which is why I have created the “YWeekend”.

Pauline Was Sceptical – Hear What She Has To Say…

Pauline Longdon – Founder of The Copy Alchemist



You may be wondering though…

How Is The “YWeekend” Workshop Different
To Any Other Workshop?

Well, here’s just a quick sample of what I’ll share with you at the workshop:

  • How most people are totally unaware of the gifts and talents they have… and how you can easily uncover yours (Once you do this your life takes on new meaning like never before!)
  • Discover how you have been hiding from yourself by procrastinating and staying in an uncomfortable “comfort” zone (you’ll know what signs to look for so it never happens again)


    It is time to stop hiding!

  • Why knowing your “Y” is the secret key to the success of almost every famous person in history (I say almost, because there are some celebrities who don’t have a clue and it shows! They never make a big difference and their “star” dulls very quickly!)
  • A fail safe way to find your “Y” by looking at your past (we all have patterns which are repeated and when you can see them, you can unlock them and change them!)
  • How to see the big picture through the clutter of your life (Life can get overwhelming and it can be hard to see clearly… this one tip alone, is worth the investment you’ll make in the “YWeekend” Workshop!)
  • Discover how our friends see us… we rarely see ourselves objectively so it is always inspiring to see what our friends see in us (you will be surprised at how this simple exercise boosts your confidence and gives you clarity on your passion!)
  • How to stop waiting for all your ducks to be in a row before you start living your purpose (too many people are waiting for everything to be perfect, meanwhile their life is passing them by!)
  • How to get off the treadmill and engage with your life in a truly dynamic way (your days of “Passion Procrastination” are over!)
  • The importance of implementation (it is easy to find your “Y”…but the fun starts when you start to live it!)
  • Why you need to stop making excuses or apologising for what you are good at or find easy to do (Break out of the “Tall Poppy” mould and embrace your true gifts… when you keep your gifts to yourself, you stop other people from reaching their highest potential)
  • How to turn your “Y” into a business and share it with the people who need it (There is nothing wrong with making money from helping people! Big businesses do it every day… now it is your turn!)
  • Plus much, much more!

As you can see, the “YWeekend” Workshop is jam packed with all the important “need to know” information about how to find and start living your “Y!”

This Is A Closed Door, Exclusive Event…
And I Have Some Good, Bad And Sad News…

The good news is… I am limiting the workshop to 30 people!

Why? Well, this way I can spend quality time on you and your “Y” in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Are you ready for the bad news?

I am limiting the workshop to only 30 people!

I only run the “YWeekend” Workshop once a year and places are filling up fast. How can that happen when I have only just launched the Workshop?

You see,even before I officially announced this workshop… I had people eagerly contacting me wanting to book in!

It seems some of my clients and friends can’t keep their mouths closed. I have to laugh though, they are so supportive of me and my “Y” (which I will share with you at the “YWeekend”. It is quite a big one!) I love it and it shows me I am doing the right thing with my life.

Now the sad news is… 7 of the 30 places have already been taken. Even before I had worked out what the investment for the weekend would be and long before I told anyone about the stunning location. They were giving me their credit card numbers and telling me to secure their place. (I dutifully did what I was told! I mean to say… what kind of a friend would I be if they missed out on a spot!) So they are definitely going to be there…

The Only Person Not Assured Of Being There Is You…
And You’re The Only One Who Can Fix That!


The “YWeekend”Workshop is a wonderful opportunity to find your purpose, passion… your “Y” in a luxurious setting, with a supportive team of experts to help you unlock your true potential.

When you come to the “YWeekend” Workshop, you’ll get full “Access All Areas” to my vast knowledge and experience over the 2 days… as well as making lasting friendships and connections with dynamic, like-minded attendees.

The Workshop starts on the  8-9th October on the Gold Coast. And the best news of all… it is being held at the luxurious and breathtaking Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort!

For me there is no better location to discover your “Y” than a 5 star resort. Why? Well, it is a snapshot of what is possible for you in your life.

And, because I am still buzzing from the last one we ran …

I wanted to give you something extra special!

Everyone loves a deal… so I worked out a great deal for you by including a few bonuses to make your decision easier to say…


Bonus Number 1: Receive a FREE Personally Autographed Copy of “Your Life Your Purpose” valued at $32.95

When you attend the “YWeekend” Workshop, you’ll receive your copy of my book,”Your Life Your Purpose.” This way you can see why knowing my “Y” helped me to overcome adversity and come back stronger than ever before. It is valued at $32.95 and is yours FREE. I’ll even autograph it for you at the workshop which makes it priceless!

Bonus Number 2: A FREE 12 Month Webinar Series valued at $1,495!

This webinar series goes over 12 months and gives you a behind the scenes look at how I was able to go from Broke to BMW after the 2010 Queensland floods.Each month you are taken on a journey to achieve very similar goals in your own life.

Bonus Number 3: Go Into The Draw To Win a 3 Hour Your Life, Your “Y” Strategy Session valued at $2,250!

This strategy session is life changing! We dig deep to find and clear any old rubbish blocking you from living your “Y!” You will be on an accelerated track to living your “Y” and really making a difference in the World.

Bonus Number 4: Be One Of The First 10 People to Register and You Will Receive VIP Seating FREE! (Valued at $197)

We all love to be treated like a VIP and if you are one of the lucky 10… you’ll be given preferential seating at the front of the room.

Total value of the FREE Bonuses… $3,974.95

You Receive All These Bonuses worth $3,974.95

For Only $997!!

You can only get these valuable bonuses when you attend the “YWeekend” Workshop.

You know what? That was so much fun giving you those bonuses… I’ve decided to give you one more bonus! And I know you are going to love this one!

Bonus Number 5: A Quick Action Taker Bonus!

I love to reward people who take action… quick action! And I can think of no better way to reward a “Quick Action Taker” than by taking $218 off your ticket! But you need to be quick, this ends on Wednesday August 31st, 2016!





“I’m IN Shar! Sign Me Up!!”

Because I love the “YWeekend” Workshop, and the people who come along so much, I wanted to make it as affordable as I can. As I mentioned earlier, finding, knowing and living your “Y” is critical to your success in life!

So you will have full access to me at this workshop to find your “Y”… and you will also have the special bonuses to help you after the workshop as well.


So let’s recap. When you register today for the “YWeekend” Workshop you’ll receive…

FREE Personally Autographed Copy of “Your Life Your Purpose” $32.95
FREE 12 Month Webinar Series $1,495
Go Into The Draw To Win a 3 Hour Your Life, Your “Y” Strategy Session $2,250
VIP Seating FREE! $197
Quick Action Taker Bonus $218
Total Value of All The Bonuses $3974.95

You Receive All These Bonuses Valued At $3974.95
For Only $779!!
(Must Book Before Wednesday August 31st, 2016)


If that is not enough… you are completely covered by my No Risk, No Questions Asked, 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee, so you risk nothing! Not a single cent. I carry all the risk.

Here is my Guarantee to you…

No Risk, No Questions Asked 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee

img If you have any doubt that the “YWeekend”Workshop is a good fit for you, I’d encourage you to register anyway so you don’t miss out on the Quick Action Taker Bonus. You can stay until lunchtime on the first day. If in the highly unlikely event after working on discovering your “Y”, being fully immersed in my best material and networking with other dynamic, like-minded “Go Getters!”… you don’t think I have delivered any value what so ever… I want you to come up to me and tell me you want your money back. Simply return all your workshop materials and I will refund your money… No questions asked! I can’t be any more fair than that!

I really hope you’ll make the choice to join me at the Intercontinental at Sanctuary Cove Resort on the 8th-9th October 2016. You deserve to be living your “Y” and others deserve to be inspired and moved by you and your “Y!” It is time for you to step out of your own way… all you have to do is now decide to come to the “YWeekend” Workshop to find, know and live your Y!”

I hope you make the “Yise” decision to join me at the “YWeekend” Workshop.

All the best,


Shar Moore

The “Y” Woman

Int’l Award Winning Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, CEO & Founder of the Elysian Experience and YMag


P.P.S. Think about where you will be in a few months time if you don’t reserve your seat today. You will probably still be doing the same thing, unhappy with where your life is going and looking forward to the weekend ahead as an escape from your unfulfilling life! Whereas had you booked in for the “YWeekend” Workshop, you would be looking forward to the weekend ahead… knowing it’s the weekend you get your life back on track!

With my No Risk, No Questions Asked 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee you have nothing to lose… except a bunch of excuses. Give yourself permission to live the life you were born to live!

P.P.P.S. Remember… People like Oprah, Richard Branson and other famous people all know the importance of having a solid “Y” to give them the drive to continue when times get tough. Because life isn’t always easy… but when you know what your “Y” is… it is always simple!